INASE is an an Investment Fund
An investment fund is a pool of capital that a number of individual investors pay into, which is used to collectively invest in stocks and bonds. In an investment fund, each investor owns their individual shares but they don' t have any influence on where the money in the fund is invested. This is down to the investment manager, who decides which assets to buy or sell, how many and when.


Our Services
You can participate in our Fund very easily
with minimum Capital: 300 USD

We can ensure annual returns of 10 -25%

Contact us by email:



January 13, 2021
You can also see our portfolio


August 3, 2020
You can also see our portfolio



July 15, 2020
You can also see our portfolio

We can also arrange a meeting via Skype or Zoom and we can give you more details
Phone:   +971 4 246 97 05


At the moment INASE is operating as a company in the United Arab Emirates:
Opal Tower
Office 605
PO Box 128846
Burj Khalifa Street
Business Bay
Dubai, UAE

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