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Conferences    INASE, established in 2008 as EUROPMENT, organizes multidisciplinary conferences for academics and professionals in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, management, and education. Recent Post-Conference Reports: Athens (2017), Corfu (2016)Zakynthos (2015), Santorini, St.Petersburg, Golden Sand,  Interlaken, Venice, Prague, Athens, Barcelona, Vienna, Crete

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For all the INASE sponsored conferences (i.e. conferences with URL the registration fees are 250 EUR. For details check the fees inside the conferences' web sites.





  Marathon Beach, Athens, July 14-17, 2019


 Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece, July 14-17, 2019


 Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece, July 14-17, 2019


 Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece, July 14-17, 2019






Various reputable journals host the papers of the conferences. The Best Papers are published in various publishers according agreements with some Editors-in-Chief.


The Proceedings of the Conferences are sent to various indexes. Our conferences feature tutorials, technical paper presentations, workshops and distinguished keynote speeches.


Administration (Organizational Structure, Officers)


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